Day 1: Drilling

On October 8th we kicked off Total Crop Solutions, a two year case-study, going from first into second wheat. 

We began by drilling the field direct into stubble with the John Deere 750A and the Sumo DTS, drilling at three different seed rates. We have gone direct with one strip of the Vaderstad Rapid and into cultivated ground across the three seed rates the same as the John Deere and Sumo Drill. (see figure 1)

Now the crop is in the ground we are going to monitor its establishment by carrying out tiller counts over the next month-and-a-half to see how the different drills and methods impact the establishment of the crop.

On December 11th we will launch Total Crop Solutions to the public with crop walks, a review of the establishment and discussion around compaction. We will continue to have events throughout the year reviewing crop establishment and how the different drilling methods impact Black Grass populations and other topics relating to the cropping cycle.

When we take the trial to harvest we will combine it with our John Deere demo combine and take samples from each drill and seed rates for analysis.