Welcome to Total Crop Solutions

Burden Bros Agri is kicking off an ambitious and exciting two-year project on October 8th. Total Crop Solution will demonstrate our agricultural equipment, technology and most importantly, the in-house knowledge our team holds that can benefit our customer and set us apart from the competition.

The projects will see the team hold a drill trial that will test different seed rates through the John Deere 750A, Sumo DTS and the Vaderstad Rapid. This will be followed by customer crop walking days to see crop establishment and challenges alongside Andy Pendry at Agrovista. Future segments of the project will see us combine the trial site using a John Deere Combine, analysing the quality of each trial block and reviewing the results with our customers.

Spearheaded by the FarmSight team, we are excited to have the full Burden Bros Agri team involved with input from all departments. This is our opportunity to show off the vast knowledge and experience our colleague possess and to share with our customers how working with us will benefit them. 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more contact us!