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Moving weed establishment findings

Regular readers of South East Farmer will have been following the progress of Total Crop Solutions’ scientific trials since the first update in December 2018. Originally designed as a simple crop trial to monitor how different establishment techniques effect blackgrass, the innovative case study has evolved into a two-year project, which is now set to show farmers how machinery, technology and expert advice could come together to improve profits and overcome common industry issues. Expertly ...

July 17, 2019

Video: A quick visual of Total Crop Solutions


January 3, 2019

Total Crop Solutions Launch: December 11th 2018

On December 11th we took the next step to sharing our ‘Total Crop Solution’ project with our customers. This was the first field visit to view the test plots and to see the various different establishment results achieved by our three drills. We separated into two groups, half stayed at Ivychurch to watch a video and presentation on what we have done practically in the field - and the other half were ferried off in a bus to the field site to walk the crops.At the internal presentation, we ga...

December 12, 2018

Introducing Luke Crowhurst to the team!

Apprentice Service Technician Luke Crowhurst is the latest colleague at Burden Bros Agri to join the Total Crop Solutions team. He is just a few weeks away from completing his apprenticeship with just his final exams to pass. Luke has been at Burden Bros Agri for three years having spent the bulk of his time based at the Stockbury branch – he has just transferred to Ivychurch. Once fully qualified he plans to specialise in large frame tractors such as the 7 and 8000 series,drills, balers and ...

November 30, 2018

FEATURE: South East Farmer

A scientific trial has begun on Romney Marsh, to test the efficiency of three types of seed drill in the battle against black grass.Burden Bros Agri has linked with Andrew Martin of Broad Stream Farming to carry out the test drillings near Newchurch. A field with a history of black grass has been divided into three 72-metre pitches, one drilled by a John Deere 750A, another by a Sumo DTS and the third by a Vaderstad Rapid.Burden Bros Agri’s FarmSight consultant Kris Romney explained: “My col...

November 29, 2018

The team's growing!

The Total Crop Solutions team has been joined by one of Burden Bros Agri’s most experienced Specialist Service Technicians. Matt Butler joined the company in 2009 and is based at our Framfield branch. He started his career as a John Deere apprentice and over the years has completed a huge range of training alongside building thousands of hours’ experience working on the full spectrum of John Deere machinery. Ongoing training is embedded into the Burden Bros Agri ethos, and during Matt’s ti...

November 16, 2018

Video Update - Come to our launch!

We popped down to the #totalcropsolutions site this afternoon (2/11/18) to film our latest update. It’s looking fantastic... great day for it too! Come along to our launch on the 11th to find out more.

November 3, 2018

Day 1: Drilling

On October 8th we kicked off Total Crop Solutions, a two year case-study, going from first into second wheat.  We began by drilling the field direct into stubble with the John Deere 750A and the Sumo DTS, drilling at three different seed rates. We have gone direct with one strip of the Vaderstad Rapid and into cultivated ground across the three seed rates the same as the John Deere and Sumo Drill. (see figure 1)...

October 12, 2018

Meet the Total Crop Solutions Team!

GEORGE WHELANFarmSight consultant George Whelan studied at Hadlow college and completed a Biodiversity Management Degree at The University of Kent. From there he went on to work for a software development agency specialising in software and website development projects. Now his day to day focus at Burden Bros is consulting with our customers to identify areas of saving and improvements using technology and our in house precision farming expertise.KRIS ROMNEYFarmSight Consultant Kris Romney has a...

September 28, 2018

Welcome to Total Crop Solutions

Burden Bros Agri is kicking off an ambitious and exciting two-year project on October 8th. Total Crop Solution will demonstrate our agricultural equipment, technology and most importantly, the in-house knowledge our team holds that can benefit our customer and set us apart from the competition.The projects will see the team hold a drill trial that will test different seed rates through the John Deere 750A, Sumo DTS and the Vaderstad Rapid. This will be followed by customer crop walking days to s...

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